A Little More Information...

Think Tank Books is an independent publishing house with its headquarter in New Delhi, India. We are backed up by a group of young writers, readers, entrepreneurs and journalists.

Think Tank Books was created with a vision of helping emerging authors disseminate their voices out in the world. Our founding fathers are veteran authors and entrepreneurs. Thus, we know what you as an author expect from a publishing company and do our best to surpass the ordinary standards of publishing.

We do the following on the editorial side for all the books published by us:

1. Book cover design.

2. Proofreading.

3. Copy editing.

4. Internal formatting.

We do the following on the distribution side for all the books published by us:

1. Paperback availability on Amazon India.

2. Paperback availability on global Amazon marketplace.

3. eBook availability on Google Play, Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Nobles and everywhere else possible.

We believe that books are meant to be on the shelves of bookstores. Thus, we try our level best to pitch your book(s) to premium bookstores in India and abroad. Once your book is on the shelves, we make sure it sells well and the stock stays there for as long as possible.

Publish with us!