Get expanded offline distribution to premium bookstores

One base package with all the essentials | 10% off when services are worth Rs. 1 lakh or more

Rs. 30000/-

1. Professional editing

2. Proofreading

3. Internal layouting, designing and typesetting

4. ISBN / Barcode

5. Superior cover design

6. Unlimited print stock (print on demand)

7. Pan India free Amazon delivery

8. Kindle eBook availability worldwide

9. Paperback worldwide availability through Amazon

10. Premium Packaging

11. Ten (10) free paperback copies to the author

12. WhatsApp and email support 24/7

13. Amazon sponsor ads (ads will run on basic frequency as we do for all our books)

14. Pitch to production houses for web/screen adaptations

15. Availability of the book at book fairs, literary & college fests etc. (primarily in Delhi)

Additional services you may choose:

1. Book promotion email blasts every week to 15000 readers for 3 months: Rs. 3000/-

2. WhatsApp promotion to 3000 readers (2 times): Rs. 4000/-

3. 10000 book promotional pamphlets would be designed & distributed: Rs. 5000/-

4. #1 bestseller badge on Amazon (for at least once): Rs. 8000/-

5. Targeted Amazon ads for 3 months: Rs. 10000/-

6. Targeted Facebook ads for 3 months: Rs. 10000/-

7. Targeted Instagram ads for 3 months: Rs. 10000/-

**Combined ads for Amazon, FB and Instagram for 3 months: Rs. 25000/-

8. 15 Quora coverage, 6 blog coverage, 10 Goodreads reviews, 5 Amazon reviews, 1 press release, 2 author interviews: Rs. 15000/-

9. 100 Amazon + 100 Goodreads reviews: Rs. 25000/- (book cost extra)

10. Hindi to English and/or English to Hindi translation for your book: Rs. 0.90/word

11. 5 leading newspaper coverage: Rs. 40000/-

**Attempt to create a Wikipedia page for your book: Rs. 40000/-

12. Pan India offline distributions to more than 100 bookstores: Rs. 60000/-

**Premium retail display at 3 stores (like Crossword, Oxford) for 1 month at each store: Rs. 15000/-

Important things to keep in mind:

1. You retain all the rights for your book while remained published with us

2. Royalty (selling price minus production, packaging & shipping cost) to the author would be 100% & shall be paid yearly. Kindle books would have no royalty

3. For a limited time, 12% GST is included in the price

4. Author can buy any number of books at 40% off cover price. This quantity won’t qualify towards royalty calculation

5. We reserve the right to decide the MRP of the book. Please be assured it will be at par with the market norms

6. You shall make the payment after both parties sign the contract. We would start working on the manuscript as soon as we receive the payment

7. Publishing process takes about 4 to 6 weeks to complete

Questions about services are always welcome. Send us an email or WhatsApp our founder, Gaurav Sharma by clicking this link: http://wa.me/16044991805