Written Something Great?

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We are interested in publishing fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Do not send us proposals for academic books. Please note that we just hired an intern who is very picky about reading publication proposals. Also, he takes less than a second to delete incoming proposals that do not follow submission guidelines. Thus, you better follow what's written below, or your manuscript will not be looked upon. Guaranteed! We told you this fellow is picky.

  1. We only accept submissions via email.
  2. Ensure that your name and contact information are stated on the first page of your submission.
  3. Send us your complete manuscript.
  4. Please name your file with the name of the book and the name of the author. E.g.   ‘GodOfTheSullied_GauravSharma’.
  5. Include a detailed synopsis (not more than 700 words!).
  6. A one-page resume telling us about you. Tell us about your relevant writing experience or any published work in the past. We are busy and don’t want to know about your GPA in college or your CAT/ GMAT score or the list of your favourite authors in alphabetical order.

Send your complete manuscript with detailed synopsis and resume to editorial@thinktankbooks.com

Irrespective of our decision to publish your work, we shall get back to you within a month after receiving your email. See, we are good people!

Do not send reminders about the status of your submission before two weeks, i.e. 14 days of your submission to us.

Note: If you are still unclear about the stated process, go back to the start of the page and read again.  

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