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Welcome! Dear Visitor.

We at Think Tank Books* understand the value of your time, and ours too. So, first thing first! Our publishing house primarily works in a hybrid manner which includes an amalgamation of traditional and self-publishing features. In general, if our editorial team decides to take your manuscript forward, you will be asked to contribute some share of financial investment towards the production, marketing and distribution of your book. The amount may vary depending upon your writing background, quality of your manuscript and other market factors. Thus, we recommended that you put your time and efforts somewhere else if you are not yet ready to share the cost of publishing your book with us.

However, if you wish to cooperate with us, you are most welcome! If your manuscript proves to be an exceptional piece of work to our editors, we would publish it at our cost.

Still with us?… Great!

Be assured that Think Tank Books* will burn the midnight oil to get your print book and eBook out in the world! To submit your manuscript, go to Submissions. Carefully read what’s written on the page before submitting your manuscript.